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*Details in seller policy.

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Weekly Auctions

Welcome to BidnBuy.us

* At BidnBuy.us, we want to provide an online auction alternative that can work around a sellers lifestyle.

* Our Online Auction listing duration can last one to 30 days. For example, if a seller wants to work Monday through Friday, they can have a listing start on Monday, end on Thursday, and send invoices Friday.

* We also have an instant buy feature with durations of up to 30 days and, if desired, an auto relist feature.

* We do not have any subscription fees for stores.

* Also there are no listing fees if a seller wants to use either the auction or instant buy feature.

* Sellers simply pay a $5.00 member fee as well as a commission or premium when an item sells. (The Fee is Currently waived, until further notice)

* Unlike other online auction sites, we do not charge a commission to sellers on shipping fees.

* All shipping fees must be posted on a listing as a flat rate charge or calculated fee. This will allow buyers to know what an item will cost them without any surprises.

* With our rating system, you can review both the product as well as the customer service. The ratings help not only future buyers but can also show the seller where they can improve service.

* Other Online auction companies have started to promote sellers who have the highest performance ratings in search results. We do not believe this is necessarily fair. We believe that all sellers should have the same search engine ranking.

* To be a seller at BidnBuy.us an online auction you will have to uphold an honest and professional standard. While most of these standards are common sense, they will be outlined in further detail in our seller Agreement.

* Buyers also have to uphold to the same honest and professional standards. They too will be held accountable for any indiscretions.

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